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Estate Jewelry

14K pearl pin containing a total of 9 pearls. The 14K yellow gold pin has a frosted or brushed design. Click on image for a larger picture.

Antique Cameo with diamond!
This high quality antique cameo measures 1 3/4" tall and 1 1/4" wide and is set in a beautiful 14K white gold etched frame. The cameo contains a small diamond set in white gold.

Antique Cameo in Sterling Silver
This beautiful old cameo is actually set in sterling silver with a gold overlay, a common technique on old pieces. The cameo may be worn as a pin or as a pendant.

Antique Cameo Ring.
The ring contains a cameo with an unusual color. Look close and find the fine etching in the gold around the cameo. A truly one of a kind piece.

Fancy old diamond ring featuring a 10 point diamond in the center. The ring is 14K white gold. Click on the image to see a closeup.

Antique Diamond Engagement ring set in 14K white gold with almost 2/3 Carat total weight in diamonds!
Center diamond is 40 points and the four surrounding diamonds add up to 20 points.

10K white gold antique filigree ring with a synthetic ruby.
Click the image to see the detailed filigree work and take note of the wonderful yellow gold and rose gold highlights around the stone.

Antique Elgin Pocket Watch manufactured in 1925.
7 Jewels. Features beautiful etching on the case and dial.

14K Gold Key Chain
A truly unique piece for someone who has everything. A key chain made from 14K yellow gold. Unscrew the ball on one end to slide your keys onto the ring.

10K yellow gold solid bangle bracelet with a beautiful etched pattern. The bracelet is small suggesting that this is perhaps a vintage baby bracelet. Click image to see the details!

Click on any image for a larger picture