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Colored Gemstones

Sapphire Earrings
Deep blue sapphires set in 14K yellow gold earrings.

Sapphire & Diamond Pendant
Contains 3 deep blue sapphires and 2 diamonds set in 14K yellow gold.

Tanzanite & Diamond Ring
14K white gold ring contains 3 stunning tanzanites and a total of 6 diamonds (3 each side).

Tanzanite & Diamond Earrings
Each earring contains a brilliant tanzanite along with 4 diamonds. Set in 14K yellow gold.

Emerald & Diamond Ring
Deep green emerald surrounded by two diamond baguettes and four round diamonds. Set in 14K yellow gold.

Emerald & Diamond Bracelet set in 14K yellow gold.
Bracelet is 7" long and contains over 14 emeralds! Click image for a larger picture.

14K White Gold Pink Sapphire Ring containing large emerald cut genuine pink sapphire. Click on image to see the incredible detail on the side of the ring.

Pink Sapphire & Diamond Pendant in the shape of a flower basket. Contains 6 pink sapphires and 4 diamonds, set in 14K gold.

Opal & Diamond Ring
A unique color is generated in the large center created opal, surrounded by 6 diamonds. Set in 14K yellow gold.

Opal & Diamond Pendant
A unique color is found in the created opal set in 14K gold. Pendant also contains a diamond.

Multi-Color Gemstone Necklace Not sure which is your favorite color? Why not try all in this 14K gold necklace containing genuine gemstones! Click on image for larger picture!

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